Arts & Technology Learning Area

In this learning area, students are invited to engage their critical and creative thinking skills in one or more of the art, design, performance or technology subjects we offer. Whether their passion is in music, media, theatre, visual arts or design, students will first be inspired through their inquiry into the historical and contemporary practice of creators in their selected subjects. Students will then connect this research to their own developing practice, refining their technical skills as they explore conceptual ideas in their selected discipline.

Our Arts & Technology precincts are set up with all the resources and tools for students to innovate and excel, and the work they produce as individuals or in collaboration with their peers will be showcased in one of our exhibition spaces.

Arts & Technology Learning Area Leader - Travis McKenzie

It is an exciting time to select subjects in the Arts and Technology Learning Area, with new study designs for the visual arts offering new opportunities and pathways into creative industries. Likewise, the subjects of Visual Communication and Media have undergone reviews and their updated VCE outcomes have shifted the focus to the collaborative nature of con- temporary creative practice, emphasising the study of First Nations People as a core component of theoretical understanding.