English Learning Area

All students must complete an English subject in VCE, and at Wurun Senior Campus, we are proud to offer a choice in this learning area. Choice allows us to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our school communities. We design our courses to inspire students to reach their potential as thinkers, readers, writers, and speakers. Students are exposed to a wide range of texts from different areas of life that allow them to create connections to one another and the wider community and to give them the chance to develop their critical and creative skills.

English Learning Area Leader - Charlotte Bailey

Every day, we are confronted with multiple texts designed to fulfil a range of functions including to inform, persuade, entertain, anger or amuse us. The study of the Englishes allows students to critically examine and deconstruct such texts in order to navigate our complex and highly literate world. English aims to develop students’ critical understanding and mastery of the English language and to help them communicate in a wide range of social contexts. The study of an English will help students to develop a level of competence to meet the demands of post-school employment, further education and participation in an open democratic society.